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We are an experienced fit out company offering full services for offices and commercial spaces.

About Zafit

We have consolidated our position on the market through an efficient and high-performance management of each completed project.

Doing a good job has become like an obsession for the entire Zafit team. And not only on the execution side, but also regarding the entire set of services we offer to clients.

Development was a natural consequence of how we approach any project in the portfolio. We carefully observed the needs of the customers and thus we managed to turn Zafit into the only company in the Moldova area that offers the complete fit out service. We take the stress off the client's shoulders, carefully coordinate each stage of the project and offer integrated and quality solutions.

Zafit performs well thanks to a consolidated and experienced team. We share the same vision and values. Through seriousness, honesty, responsibility, transparency, attention to details and care for people, we are the guarantee that the project will be as you imagined it. Maybe even better.

What sets us apart

With our comprehensive Stress Free Fit Out service, we make sure you don't have any worries.

Both in the consulting and in the implementation stage, we always offer the most optimal solutions, individualized according to your needs and requirements.

We like to do our job well. It is our business card and the guarantee of the success of your company and ours.

Our values

The things we believe in and motivate us have been a real foundation from the very beginning, a guide that has managed to help us evolve to this day and will always help us in the future.


We explain everything down to the smallest detail, so you always know what's coming next. We always seek to find solutions to any challenge, which we then optimize. We are transparent in everything we do and reliable partners for you.


We know what we are doing and we own every decision and action. We do not force things where the data is not very well known and we explain every detail to the client with a sense of responsibility.

Attention to details

Things done well and fair are what define us. Attention to details means care and involvement, and without the belief that the success of a project does not have room for "it will have to do", we would not be able to offer premium quality to our projects.

Care for people

Every stage of our projects is about people. We understand that the spaces we create must be for them and provide pleasant experiences that make them happier and more productive at work. We strongly believe in our team and value every partnership.


Our portfolio of services covers the entire area required to carry out a complete fit out project.

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Our customers

Reputable companies have trusted us to create or transform their spaces and we are proud that they chose our services.


Let's talk

If you have a project in mind, contact us and our team will guide you through all the necessary steps to make it happen